Megan Gale confirms Wonder Woman role

We all knew it. We all speculated on it. I even suggested it on Friday after the news broke that Justice League was taking a temporary production hiatus. Now, straight from the mouth of a babe, Megan Gale HERSELF confirms that she was cast as Wonder Woman. According to The Sunday Times Perth Confidential, Gale said that she has been cast as Wonder Woman. Apparently she has known this since October, but was sworn to secrecy by Warner Brothers. The entire cast was forced to secrecy (for obvious reasons). She has stepped up her fitness regime to get into kickass shape, and has also been training to wield weapons for the role. "I still can't believe it,'' Gale said. ``I have been infatuated with Wonder Woman since I was a teenager.'' So now we may not get to see her don the knee high boots and kick ass, but at least we can imagine. Gale confirms Wonder Woman casting