Megan Gale IS Wonder Woman

The Hollywood Reporter has more details about the postponement of the upcoming Justice League film. One of the most interesting tidbits in the article is that it lists Megan Gale among the cast members, meaning that she is most likely playing Wonder Woman in the film. I think we all sort of knew that already, but this is the closest thing to a confirmation that I think we've gotten. The studio says that the script really wasn't up to snuff, which could be a major setback for a movie like this. Its also interesting because the article lists all the cast members so far being offered the roles are technically out of contract, but Warner Brothers (and just about anyone else) feels that they wouldn't turn this down again when reoffered. This also bodes well for the Batman franchise. Christopher Nolan was getting hesitant to direct the third film in the supposed trilogy, as he felt the Justice League conflicted with his Batman, so now that Justice League is on hold, Warner Brothers better do everything they can to get Nolan back on board for the third Batman. More Justice League postponement news