MIke Vogel rumored to be Duke

I guess all it takes is one big movie to get your name out there, and its out there. IGN is reporting a rumor that could possibly gain some traction with the success of Cloverfield. Mike Vogel plays Jason (Rob's brother) in Cloverfield and is rumored to be in the running to play Duke in the upcoming G.I. Joe. Now, Duke is a role that has to be cast right, and if it isn't, then the entire movie will fall apart at the seams. Vogel has the potential to be a good Duke, because he showed off enough assertiveness in his role as Jason to do the part well. Vogel was up for the role of Captain Kirk in the upcoming Enterprise film, but the role was given to Chris Pine. Paramount is a big fan of him, and they're responsible for both Cloverfield and G.I. Joe, so that could help his cause out. It also helps that when asked about the role, he nervously looked away, neither confirming or denying before a publicist interrupted the conversation. Grain of salt time? Vogel rumored to be Duke