Millar back on Wolverine

Mark Millar is quite the popular writer these days. He wrote a little something called Civil War last year, and is all set to start on two series this February (Fantastic Four and Ultimates). But that's not quite good enough for Millar, who is also slated to join Steve McNiven for a glorious eight-issue run on Wolverine this June. What does have have in store for Logan? "This is a story set 50 years in Wolverine's future. He's an old man by this point and has turned his back on violence after a catastrophic event, when the villains killed almost all of the heroes in the Marvel Universe. This story kicks off with his peaceful world under threat and Wolverine forced to become involved in his greatest adventure yet. It's a road movie taking him from the remains of California to the remains of New York in a Marvel comic unlike anything you have ever seen before." Can't this guy ever get a break? The entire interview is a great read, and really gives good clues as to what to expect this summer when Millar returns to Wolverine for eight issues. Millar back on Wolverine