Preview: With Great Power #1

Everyone knows that Peter Parker got bit by a radioactive spider. Then he had these cool powers that he used to earn money to by a car. Then he let the criminal go that killed his uncle, and he knew that with great power came great responsibility. But didn't it strike you as odd that he all of a sudden realized this, and turned to crime fighting? I mean, Parker's just a kid right? Some people go their whole lifetime searching for such an epiphany only to never find it (let alone know what to do with it so quickly). Lucky for you, Marvel was thinking the same thing. With Great Power #1 is the first of five issue mini-series that tells the story of Parker learning some things about life that he parlays into that one credo. Its everything in between getting bit and his uncle's death. The first movie did a decent job in showing Peter learning how to use his powers, but it didn't really cover the emotions that you'd expect to incur when getting such a power. And according to writer David Lapham, that in-between time is really fascinating. "For my part, I think of it less as an origin story and more just a coming-of-age story. I'm not trying to change what we know, just expand on and tell a story about a repressed boy finally coming out of his shell. It's harder-edged than I think we've seen before. Peter's really playing around with the corruption of his soul here. So in a lot of ways you'll see the worst side of him, but keep in mind this is a boy who's lost his parents. Who's been beat up and repressed his whole life. Let him have his fun. He'll learn some lessons along the way which will drive the decisions he'll make after Uncle Ben dies." With Great Power #1 is written by David Lapham and illustrated by Tony Harris. It hits stores January 30 for $3.99. If you're looking to pick it up, better get to that comic store quick when its released, as it'll probably sell like the proverbial hotcakes. Preview: With Great Power (1 of 5)