Return of Marvel Masterpieces

When I was growing up, I never really got into sports card collecting. I started collecting baseball cards a bit, but that never really went anywhere (my best card was a Todd Van Poppel rookie card). Same with football, hockey and basketball. But for some reason, I was all about Marvel trading cards. I don't know why I was so drawn to them, because they were never really worth anything, and all you could do was stare at the same picture over and over. Still, I was all over them. Fortunately for me, I can now relive my youth, as Marvel and Upper Deck (along with Flair and Skybox for us old timers) have teamed up to bring back Marvel Masterpieces. Artists this time around include Alex Ross, Bryan Hitch, Neal Adams, Drew Struzan and Joe Jusko, the man who started it all way back in 1992 when the first run of Marvel Masterpieces hit stores. And the cool thing is that the cards will flaunt all sorts of artistic styles. "We didn't limit artists and say they had to use [a specific] medium," Gaeta explains. "We have some cards that are painted, some in pencil, some in inks; it runs the gamut. This is just one more top quality product out there for Marvel fans." I guess this is one of Marvel's ways of saying yes, comics are popular. Yes, there is a whole lot more money to be made on them. Return of Marvel Masterpieces