TNT's Witchblade coming to DVD?

When you're hot, you're hot. After successfully launching First Born, the new Witchblade storyline, as well as the Witchblade anime, it appears that the short-lived live action show on TNT will be headed to DVD as well. Comics Continuum has a small blurb on their website saying that a DVD has been confirmed for release. From the Comics Continuum website: "TNT's live-action Witchblade series is apparently headed for DVD. Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik confirmed for The Continuum that Top Cow has been contacted for interviews for a DVD package.

Witchblade, which starred Yancy Butler, aired two seasons on TNT."

This is slightly more concrete than just rumor, but the jury's still out I guess on confirmation.

TNT Witchblade on DVD (scroll down the page a bit for the tidbit)