Tranformers the Ride?

The main reason to go to any amusement park is for kickass rides. Universal Studios Florida has some pretty fantastic rides, including the Incredible Hulk and the Spider-man ride. According to IESB, it looks like the near future could also hold another franchised ride for us, the Transformers ride. Paramount Studios and Hasbro are in talks to bring a ride to an amusement park near you (maybe near you...guess it depends on which park gets it and if you live close to said park or not). No word yet what type of ride it will be. I've said before that a really cool ride would be the part in the movie where S7 takes Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox, and Optimus picks up the SUV, tears the roof off and carries them away. Do that in the vein of the Spider-man ride at Universal Studios, and that could be pretty awesome. One of the most interesting things about this whole project is which Transformers will be used. The designers have not been told which ones because apparently "some of the robots will not be surviving the second and third films." Wow. First off, it looks like a trilogy is in the works, which doesn't really surprise me. But who are they going to kill off? The first movie only had about 10 or so Transformers, and Jazz was the only Autobot to have died. Could Bumblebee meet his fate at some point down the road? Will Optimus not make it, so the way can be paved for Roddimus? Transformers ride in the works