What would Edward Norton do?

If a recent interview with Total Film is to believed, Ed Norton would have kept turning down role of Bruce Banner in the upcoming The Incredible Hulk. The Sun has excerpts from the interview with Total Film, and in it Norton mentions that he turned down the role quite a few times actually before finally accepting. “There’s the wince factor or the defensive part of you that recoils at what the bad version of what that would be. And I did that, basically. I said ‘no’ to it a couple of times.” He also goes on to talk about how the movie will be a franchise relaunch (Batman Begins is setting the tone for everything these days huh?) and is definitely the first chapter in a Hulk saga. So it seems this trilogy thing is really picking up as well. Which means we can probably expect the second and third to film at the same time, and be released one year apart from each other. Total Film interview with Ed Norton (excerpts)