Who Wants to Create a Super-heroine?

Make sure you read that title right. I'm not asking for some intense heroin. I'm asking for a super-heroine. And its not quite me asking, rather Shadowline comics. So its a character contest. According to Shadowline editor, Kristen Simon, “I’d been hoping to see a super-hero book with a strong female lead to act as a counter-point to our popular Bomb Queen series, but none were forthcoming. So I decided to come up with a contest to create a super-heroine for the 21st Century.” Interested applicants have to follow some basic rules to get their creation in the halls of Image/Shadowline Comics. First, you have to send in a brief one paragraph story synopsis by January 31 to superheroinecontest@gmail.com. Then, ten semi-finalists will be selected from all entries received, and will then be required to turn in five fully scripted pages by February 29. Five finalists will be chosen to have their synopses published on March 10 for voting, which will end April 4. The winner will get a three-issue mini-series that will be illustrated by Franchseco. The character rights will remain with the creator, and back-end profits will be split between the creators. The winner will be announced April 28, with a slated cover date of November 2008. Its a great way to help break into the comic book industry, and even if you don't win you can see what the finalists did and learn a thing or two. Who Wants to Create a Super-heroine?