X-Files sequel information

I'm a huge fan of the X-Files. One of the best shows created in my opinion, however it did get a little too conspiratorial towards the end and less about the aliens. Regardless, the first movie was solid enough, and was actually pretty decent. So we all wanted a sequel. Now that one's been announced so many years later, fans are a little worried if the movie will be any good or not. If these pics are any indication, it looks like things are just insane. There are some spoilers ahead, so be warned. One MIke Sampson over at JoBlo.com has a report from the set of the X-Files sequel. Wait. Scratch that. He has more than a report, he has actual pictures from the film's set (from an inside source). There are some pictures of Chris Carter talking to an actor on the set. The actor isn't David Duchovny (at least I don't think) or Gillian Anderson. Rather, the pictures seem to portray a wolf. Not just any wolf, but a wolfMAN. So it looks like we're going to see some weird stuff happening. Which makes sense, since it is the X-Files. Hopefully the weirdness isn't so absurd that its considered outlandish. New X-Files sequel pics