Y Vaughn, Y?

You might not have been aware, but Brian K. Vaughn has been writing what has been considered his most acclaimed comic series in Y: The Last Man. The story goes that a plague wiped out every man on Earth except for Yorick Brown and his monkey Ampersand. The two search the world for his girlfriend with the help of 355 (a dreadlocked guardian angel) while avoiding female soldiers and freedom fighters. Wall Street Journal caught wind of this series and have an article talking about the end of the critically acclaimed series. Vaughn says his idea for the work came from going to an all boys high school in Cleveland. "I've always been fascinated with gender," he says. "When you're separated from the other sex, you can't help but think about it." Y: The Last Man #60 hits stores January 30, and is the end of quite a good thing. End of Y: The Last Man