Zenescope announces new Sinbad title

Fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm have been "modified" to be a little less frightening than they were originally intended to be. Thankfully, Zenescope Entertainment has made a name for itself with its visions of how the tales were meant to be told with the Grimm Fairy Tales series. This revisioning hasn't stopped there however, as they've also had a go at Alice of Wonderland fame with Return to Wonderland. Now they've set their sights on Sinbad, the legendary sailor. 1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad follows Sinbad as he has unjustly been accused of murder. So he decides to put together a crew (eclectic of course) and seek out the one artifact that can clear his name, while of course dealing with all kinds of crazy creatures and enemies. The new series is scheduled for a May release, with a preview issue hitting in April. Dan Wickline is writing, with Paolo Pantalenan illustrating. “This is a classic hero we felt could really benefit from a cool and edgy makeover” said series co-creator and Zenescope VP Ralph Tedesco.” We wanted to re-imagine this character by adding a certain type of charisma, sort of James Bond meets Captain Jack Sparrow in the embodiment of a pro wrestler. Then put him in this awesome backdrop full of gorgeous women, dragons, monsters, creatures...and did I mention gorgeous women?” Zenescope Entertainment bringing Sinbad back to life