Dead Space comic prequel

Love EA or hate them, you have to hand it them: they have a good grasp on their industry. Part of that knowledge comes in the form of a comic book prequel to their upcoming game Dead Space that is part of a marketing campaign to add more impact on the story in the game. Dead Space involves a deep space mining colony that inadvertently awakens a vicious alien from its slumber, thereby causing mass panic. The first issue of the comic will be a prequel, just to give gamers some sense of what they'll be getting into when they pick up the game and play it. "The world of Dead Space has such a deep storyline that it's easily adaptable to other mediums," said Executive Producer of Dead Space, Glen Schofield. "We love the fact our story is being told across multiple forms of media, providing different experiences to different audiences, which all lead to the same dark place." The issue will be created by Ben Templesmith and Antony Johnston, both of who will be on hand at WonderCon this weekend in San Francisco to sign a limited edition first issue (first 25 to the EA booth each day). And if the names Templesmith and Johnston sound familiar, that's because they are pretty famous. Templesmith did art for 30 Days of Night (which caused a bidding war for the movie rights) and Johnston has written thirteen graphic novels (Stormbreaker and Point Blanc). Dead Space comic prequel press release