First pics from G. I. Joe film

JFX Online has done us all a solid and snagged some pics during the filming of G.I. Joe. He even went one further and snagged pics of Sienna Miller as the Baroness and Channing Tatum as Duke. Yes, Miller is blonde here, and we all know the Baroness is a brunette. My guess is that this is near the beginning of the movie where something bad happened, causing Baroness to flip out and change her hair color while donning those sexy boots. Tatum looks pretty f'ed up for Duke, which I'm guessing means he just got out of a fight or something. My thoughts? Duke did something in battle to cause the deceased to die, sending Baroness over the edge and vowing revenge. And then we have a story. Sienna Miller as Baroness Channing Tatum as Duke