Guillermo Del Toro, Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange, Guillermo Del Toro.

Guillermo Del Toro has been EXTREMELY busy as of late. He's most recently churned out Pan's Labirynth, The Orphanage and the upcoming Hellboy II. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that he's being considered for the remake of The Hobbit, and (if Empire Online is correct) possibly for a big screen adaptation of Dr. Strange. And he'd love to have Neil Gaiman write the script. "I talked with Neil Gaiman [about writing it]," he tells us. "I said, that's an interesting character because you can definitely make him more in the pulpy occult detective/magician mould and formula than was done in the Weird Tales, for example...the idea of a character that really dabbles in the occult in a way that's not X-Filey, where the supernatural is taken for granted. That's interesting...But I wouldn't use the suit!" 1602 worked exceptionally well because Gaiman could adapt Dr. Strange to the Elizabethan times of the novel, which is great because Dr. Strange has that sort of Elizabethan personality. So he's already written for the character in the past, which means it would make sense to have him write it. That, and the fact that Neil Gaiman is a freaking genius, so that works out well also. Will we see a Dr. Strange movie? I think its a safe bet to assume that we will eventually, considering the massive success that just about any comic movie has had to this point. I don't know if Dr. Strange could successfully carry a movie by himself, because he's one of the second-tiered characters in the Marvel Universe. The Ghost Rider and Daredevils movies didn't do so hot, mainly because they're not quite the main characters of the universe. So we'll see if its any good, if it even ends up getting made. Strange Del Toro