Holy red Batphone for sale Batman!

The campy Batman show from the 1960s was before my time. Sure, I've caught reruns and learned that if you're hanging over the ocean from a helicopter with hungry sharks circling below you, carrying an aerosol can of shark repellent could save your life, but other than that, its not really a show I've obsessed over. But if you're one of those people that did happen to obsess over the show, you can now bring yourself one step closer to being Adam West. RedHotPhones is selling replica Batphones. Not a cellphone shaped like a bat, but the red phone the commissioner used to take personal calls from Batman when danger was everywhere (this was before the Bat Signal). You can't dial out with the phones, so you can only accept calls. And they cost $112 each, which is a little steep if you ask me. But hey, if you're trying to be Batman, you should be trying to be Bruce Wayne as well, which means $112 is a drop in the bucket for you. Right? Batphones for sale