Is Sarah Jayne Dunn Harley Quinn in The Dark Knight?

Harely Quinn's creation for Batman: The Animated Series was a gamble. Not only were the creators creating a completely new character, but they were pairing her up with Batman's most infamous nemesis, the Joker. Needless to say, her character was a massive success, and most people that watched the show just assumed she was part of the Batman canon the entire time, not realizing she was a new addition. So you would expect at some point she would show up in a Batman film, but what may surprise you is she may be showing up in The Dark Knight. Sarah Jayne Dunn may be Harley Quinn in The Dark Knight. RDF Management (I presume her managing agency) has listed on her page a credit as Harley Quinn in the movie. On IMDB she is also confirmed as playing a role in the movie, although it doesn't say which role. So what's the deal? My thinking is that she was to be introduced in this movie, and in the third movie her, Joker and Two Face go on a rampage throughout Gotham, which would make for one kick-ass finale to the trilogy. If that was the plan, than its obviously changed, so maybe we'll see Two-Face, Harley Quinn and Scarecrow on a rampage? In any case, Dunn looks to be the perfect person for the role of Harley Quinn, as she definitely has the short blonde thing going for her, and I'm quite sure she would excel in the red and back jester's suit on screen. RDF Management - Sarah Jayne Dunn