Jon Favreau pretty much confirms Avengers movie

Ain't WonderCon grand? Sci Fi Wire has an interview from a panel at this weekend's past WonderCon, Jon Favreau was awful close to spilling it all regarding the Avengers set up in Iron Man. In the interview, Favreau added: "I don't want to blow anything, and also I don't honestly know where it's all going to land. I know that there are sort of things that have been discussed and tried and talked about. I know at the end of the day on the horizon is The Avengers, and the idea is to have chapters of all of the characters that would contribute to being The Avengers. ... Hopefully, we're all going toward The Avengers." "I'm not going to talk about who's in what, but for the fans, there's definitely enough to keep you leaning forward and paying attention and stuff," he said. "And your girlfriend's not going to know what you're so interested in in certain scenes. It's just going to fly by for certain people. But I think we threw enough breadcrumbs around to reward you for giving a s--t." They could've just said that in the first place (alone) and the hype for this movie would've been immeasurable. Favreau confirms Avengers movie