Justice League on track for 2009

Since it wouldn't be a regular day without another rumor regarding the upcoming Justice League film, here's your daily rumor. Variety is reporting that since the writer's strike is officially over, the movie is back on pace for 2009. Yep. Despite the script apparently being crap, all lead role contracts lapsing and filming moving to Canada from Australia, the movie is still slated for 2009. Will it happen? Who knows at this point. The script is being refinished, and you know the actors aren't going to pass up these roles. So maybe George Miller and company can crank this out in time for 2009. At this point, I'd just be happy to know its being made. Yep, another reason to run a picture of Megan Gale. All I've got really until some real cast photos start popping up. Justice League slated for 2009 (still)