Michael Bay about to erase all goodwill earned from Transformers (possibly)

The sequel to Transformers should be awesome. The first one set the bar really, really high, so the next one has to be as good as (if not better) than the first one. That may not necessarily be the case. In a recent interview with IESB, Bay (at the 2008 VES Awards) said a few things about the sequel. He said that he listens to the fans, but won't do everything that the fans say. That being said, there will be no Dinobots (unless he's just jerking us around and there really will be). He also said that the first movie was the "tip of the iceberg," and that we can expect to see new species in the sequel. I'm sorry. What? New species? As far as I know when it comes to Transformers, you have robots and humans. Unless they're going to do something like the animated movie when the Autobots were almost fed to those shark things with the guy with all the faces proclaiming innocence or guilt. Bay, don't you screw this up (be sure to shake your fist angrily when saying this statement). No Dinobots will be harmed in Transformers 2