No Justice League till 2010?

Good grief does it suck to be a Justice League fan right now. Moviehole (via Australia's Herald-Sun newspaper) reports that a 2010 start date is being looked at, since apparently all the actors have booked other gigs (seeing as how this gig isn't panning out so hot right now). Of course, this could just be a rumor (that should be an automatic thought at this point when you read anything about the movie). Is it possible that this thing doesn't get made at all? DC was really poised to take the comic movies to a whole new level (and essentially grab Marvel by the throat) with this film. But now, it seems that the delays are killing it, and the much less heralded Avengers film may actually hit theaters first, which would be a huge advantage for Marvel. In any case, gratuitous Megan Gale picture. Justice League delayed till 2010