Preview: Dark Ivory #1

Goth has one component where kids (and adults) want to be vampires. I am by no means knocking Goth, just saying that vampirism is one of the many facets of the lifestyle. So it makes sense that there be a comic about a Goth girl who wants to be a vampire. Only, when she actually meets one she doesn't really believe it until she is one. Dark Ivory #1 is written by Joseph Michael Linser and Eva Hopkins and tells the story of Ivory, the beforementioned Goth girl that wants to be a vampire. She meets Esque (a vampire) at a party, and is then thrust into the bloody streets of New York as a vampire as well. Good times! Linser and Hopkins also provide the artwork for the comic, set to hit stores March 19 for $2.99. Preview: Dark Ivory #1