Preview: Lego Batman

Another Batman media that has hype building to a fever pitch is the upcoming Lego Batman. And adding to that hype is a recent preview of the game debuted at the GDC (Game Developer's Conference) this year, and IGN has all the information you need to know. Traveller's Tales (the game's publisher) has created a new storyline for the game using the characters of Gotham City. Still no word on how many playable characters there are, but you can guess that there's going to be a ton. Not to mention the fact that each one will have their own unique abilities and you have some great action possible. The really cool thing they've done is create something called Villain Mode, where you play the main story, however instead of playing as Batman you play as, get this, a villain. Awesome. Each character also has an four outfits that they can don (note to IGN editors, its "don," not "dawn"), with each having unique abilities. For example, Robin has a magnetized outfit that let's him walk on metal walls, and use metal objects to his advantage (shades of Magneto). And there will also be the requisite building things to get by as well, so hopefully at some point you have to build some shark repellent. Preview: Lego Batman