Preview: The New Dynamix #1

Miniseries seem to be all the rage these days, and The New Dynamix is no exception. Coming from Wildstorm Comics, The New Dynamix #1 is part of a 5-issue miniseries in which Lady Love (aka Love Rocket) wants to know where all the heroes have gone in the Bay area. During one mission, Lady Love's partner does so well at defusing a tense situation that he puts a child's life in danger. This is (of course) caught on tape, and is seen by just about everyone, including a hero that's been out of commission for a while. The New Dymanix #1 is written by Allen Warner, with art by J. J. Kirby (and the always expected variant cover by Jim Lee). The issue hits stores March 5 for $2.99. Preview: The New Dynamix #1