Preview: The Sisterhood #1

Few things are scarier to a demon than a man of the cloth. They have religion on their side to exorcise the demon, making life hell for them (see what I did there, since demons go to is hell...oy). Demons just got a new enemy in Archaia Studios Press' new comic The Sisterhood #1 debuting this month. The Sisterhood #1 features the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, an elite group of specially trained nuns. What makes their training so special you ask? Well they have the power to exorcise demons by housing the demons in their bodies. If they die naturally, the demon dies too, so its not all for naught. But if they die a violent death, then the demon breaks free from its fleshy cage to terrorize the world some more. Now the oldest of the sisters is a target, and if she's killed all hell breaks loose, unless Eden Parish can investigate and learn what's going on. Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski lend their writing talents, while Wellington Alves provides the pretty pictures. The three issue series hits stores this month. Preview: The Sisterhood #1