Sienna Miller talks about sexiness

Anyone that can see knows that its completely obvious that Sienna Miller is hot (and no clue what Jude Law was thinking). So that hotness definitely played a part in her getting the role of the Baroness in the G.I. Joe film. And I know that I'd like to know more about that role. Can the Sunday-Mirror help me? It sure can. In an interview from a few days ago, Miller tells the Sunday-Mirror that she is "getting muscles everywhere." "I've started taking boxing lessons, and I've also had to learn how to fire guns with live ammunition. I'm a baddie, running around kicking everyone while wearing tight, thigh-high boots." Hmm. She's hot, is taking boxing lessons, learning how to fire guns (with live ammunition mind you) and is wearing thigh-high boots. I planned on seeing this film regardless, but these facts may warrant a second viewing in the theater. Interview: Sienna Miller