So when will Heroes come back

Last week Omnicomic reported (via IESB) that a deal was reached to end the writer's strike. More and more media outlets are slowly confirming that today, so the next natural question is when do all the good shows come back? Executive Producer Tim Kring explained to EW a timeline, and you're probably not going to be happy. Kring said that even if work began ASAP on the season, only three episodes would be able to be ready by May. Its obvious based on the abrupt end to the current season, this season is going to be broken up into story arcs, with the next one called "Villains." So you can't really have only three episodes, which doesn't lend well to the entire arc (similar to the 24 phenomenon when you have to have all the episodes ready to run sequentially). So most likely we'll get new episodes in the Fall, and I guess it'll be Season 2.5 (as opposed to a full-fledged third season). If NBC were smart, they'd run a marathon of Heroes prior to the start of the next story arc, just to make sure we're all caught up. Kring talks to EW