Top Cow crosses a Virgin

What do you get when you take one badass superhero with a insanely powerful weapon known as the Witchblade with another badass superhero imbued with Devi, the warrior of the gods? According to Wizard Universe, a badass crossover that's what. Top Cow Comics and Virgin Comics are teaming up to bring us Witchblade/Devi #1, a book that will combine the two mythologies together within the same universe for a limited time only. It will be interesting to see if they go the route of "enemies at first, friends later" or if they'll just pair them together against some larger evil that neither could've handled on their own to begin with. Ron Marz (current Witchblade writer and editor of Devi...convenient) will write for the crossover, while Eric Basaldua will provide the lush artwork to fill the interior. "Because of my current connection to both universes, this crossover was pretty much my baby to run with," says Marz. "I came up with a concept that would have the two characters believably meet, and from there we fleshed it out to create a dynamic tale led by two beautiful women and featuring some scary bad guys and a cool payoff to boot." Witchblade/Devi #1 will release in April, and will immediately be followed up by Devi/Witchblade #1, written by Samit Basu and with art by Mukesh Singh. Both issues will also feature the inevitable variant covers by Greg Land (ha...I bet you were thinking Arthur Suydam weren't you?). And, according to Marz, it may not be the only time these two superhero vixens meet, so keep your eyes open down the road as well. Witchblade/Devi crossover