Venom movie in the works

Spider-man 3 was met with mixed reaction. Some people liked it, while others thought it was too convoluted and hectic, with three villains and two damsels. I myself thought it was good. Not spectacular, but not horrible either (come on, Bruce Campbell stole the show). One of the best things in the movie was getting to finally see Venom, played by Topher Grace. It sucked that he was really introduced so late, and was rather small by Venom standards, but it seems that Marvel has heard your complaints, and are planning to give him his own movie. IESB reports that Marvel has been talking to some A-list writers to work on the spinoff film. New Line Cinema had the rights to the character eight years ago, but when nothing happened the rights reverted to Marvel. So now the thorny issue is does Sony have the rights, since Venom was just in Spider-man 3, or could Marvel do the Venom film on their own. What would be really interesting is how they would do a Venom film without Spider-man. The two really play off each other and give the necessary dichotomy of good evil that makes each character shine. Really the only movie you could do without Spidey in it would be by having someone more vile than Venom. Did I hear someone say Carnage? As in Maximum Carnage? Venom spinoff in the works