Win a lightsaber (minus the Jedi powers)

Ape Entertainment had a graphic novel come out called Bizarre New World that they were quite proud of. So they decided to make a sequel to it called Population Explosion. And what better way to get people interested in the sequel then by saying "lightsaber" and "win" in the same sentence? That's right. You can enter to win a custom-made lightsaber by Robert Iannoccone of Advanced Light Weaponry valued at $500. He describes it as "“painstakingly hand crafted to be a functional piece of sci-fi artwork. I specifically designed my blades and hilts for full contact dueling stresses. They are bright, and perfect for martial arts or fight choreography dueling.” How do you enter? Pretty easy actually:
  1. Read issue #3 of Bizarre New World and answer three (3) questions correctly about the book.
  2. Choose a random number between 0 – 9999.
  3. Fill out the online entry form and submit it. The questions you need to answer are on the entry form.
The final winner will be chosen by matching the random number and the last four digits of the final closing of the Dow Jones Industrial on 2/19/08 (ummm...ok). The closest without going over will be declared the winner, and you have until 2/18/08 to enter. BUT, you can also score yourself four additional entries. All you have to do is going to your local comic book store and take a picture of yourself with the employees and answer three questions about the graphic novel. Simple as that. Bizarre New World Lightsaber Contest