X-Men Origins: Wolverine first look

You know comics are really hitting mainstream when USA Today does a story previewing a comic film not even out of production yet. That, or the fact that Hugh Jackman is in said film adds some attraction to covering it. Jackman is actually producing the film (due in theaters May 1, 2009), and has remained extremely quiet about the details of the film. However, he did mention one thing. "Sabretooth "is going to play a big part in it. And there will be a good bit of cameos of new and familiar mutants," he says. "But you can't give too much away, because fans are pretty hard-core. Their expectations go up a level every time you come out with a new film." Its pretty obvious that Sabretooth would be in it (you can't have a Wolverine origins film without him), and there's been rumblings that we'll see Vinnie Jones reprise his role as Juggernaut. Silver Fox and a young Stryker are also expected to make appearances, so its looking like this movie just went from awesome to badass. First look at X-Men Origins: Wolverine