X-Men Origins: Wolverine gets Deadpool and Gambit

The upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine film is getting bigger and bigger everyday. So far, we've been promised lots of cameos, and to this point its been rumored that we'll be seeing Sabretooth, Juggernaut, Silver Fox and a young Stryker. Now you can add two more to that list: Deadpool and Gambit. Ain't It Cool News is reporting with some conviction that Deadpool will be in the film, and he will be played by Ryan Reynolds (awesome). Gambit has long been slated to be in the film as well, and playing him will be Friday Night Lights own Taylor Hirsch (according to the X-Verse). Its intriguing that these seemingly fringe characters are being cast with such famous actors, and hopefully Marvel is trying to use a better known character to introduce the others. It would be awesome to see either Deadpool or Gambit in their own films, and even more awesome if it were Ryan Reynolds. This is similar to what's going on with Nick Fury in Iron Man and Incredible Hulk. I mentioned it in an earlier post, but if Marvel can beat DC to the punch with the team-up film, as well as start making all these other films that deal with secondary characters, they'd pretty much own the comics movie landscape (with the exception of The Dark Knight which will be one of the best movies of all time). Reynolds Deadpool? Definitely, Maybe Hirsch playing a Gambit