Comics Now! Magazine

If the "C" in CNN stood for "comics" instead of "cable," there'd be a channel that could give you up to the minute news on the world of comics. Unfortunately, no such channel exists yet, so getting your comic book news can prove to be a tad difficult. Sure, there's great outlets online such as Omnicomic (wink wink, nudge nudge), but what about those of you that like to wake up in the morning, drink your ::insert caffeine laden drink here:: and read up on the latest happenings in the comic universes? Fear not, as there's now a means to do just that. Comics Now ! is a magazine that covers the comic book industry. Be more specific you ask? I'll let them describe: "Comics Now! Magazine is dedicated to becoming the leading publication for comic book fans and the comic book industry. We will achieve this goal by striving to provide fair and equal coverage to ALL segments of the comic book marketplace, mantaining a “FAN to FAN” perspective, and by striving to promoting the readability of comic books over the collectibility." I believe that they release on a monthly basis, with the above being the cover of the first issue. The second issue is slated to hit stores sometime soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Comics Now! magazine