Common fighting for Justice League

And part of that fight involves you, the fan. In a recent interview with MTV Movies Blog, Common said that the movie may not get made at all at this point, as the ill-fated film suffered yet another setback in the form of not being granted the expected subsidies for filming in Australia. So Common says the fans need to get with it and start clamoring for this film. “I would love to say it will go through,” Common, who was cast as John Stewart, the Green Lantern, told MTV News of where he stood with “JLA.” “I pray and hope that it will. Keep speaking it for real and it’s gonna happen.” So its off again? Is it in limbo? I think I can speak for all fans that yes, we want the movie. But no, we don't want a clusterf**k when its done. And I don't think we want that CGI-live-action Beowulf style either, because that just didn't do it for me. Warner Brothers and DC better get their acts together, because if Avengers comes out first, its going to be even more difficult to get a decent Justice League pic out there. Common pining for Justice League