Hugh Jackman is Nowhere Man

Man, once you get a taste of that comic book action, you just can't go back I guess. Hugh Jackman, known for playing the feral Canuck Wolverine in all three X-Men films as well as the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine has decided not to limit himself to just one comic book character. According to Variety, Jackman has teamed up with writer Marc Guggenheim (and Virgin Comics) to create the original comic book series Nowhere Man, which will become a big-screen production. The protagonist is said to be akin to Robert Neville of I Am Legend fame, but since they're saying its more like "Will Smith's character" I have a feeling it'll be a Hollywood-ish version. "I've had so much fun in the graphic novel world with the 'X-Men' franchise that I wanted to get even more involved. I'm excited to work with Virgin and Marc and create a compelling character and story that hopefully will also make it to the bigscreen." Jackman going nowhere