Joshua Jackson trying on tights?

In a recent interview with MTV Movies Blog, Joshua Jackson has some very interesting tidbits about some recent (and future) superhero roles. Apparently, he tried out for Batman.

“I went and did the screen test,” “Shutter” star Joshua Jackson revealed to MTV News. “I was one the last four or five guys [up for the role of Batman.]”

Ok. I don't know if the public would have been ready for Pacey dealing with his childhood (nor do I think the new Batman trilogy would be anywhere near as good without Christian Bale in the lead). But what about other superhero roles?

“You know, honestly, out of the big super heroes the guy that I would most naturally be a fit to play is Spider-Man, but that one is pretty well locked up,” he said of the role made famous by Tobey Maguire. “And, frankly, I’m too old to play that character because the parable of Spiderman is the teenager going through puberty.”

Please, please, PLEASE let Tobey Maguire re-sign for Spider-man 4.

Jackson donning red and blue tights?