Larry Stroman returns to X-Factor

Fans of X-Factor might remember Larry Stroman. He did art way back in 1991 for X-Factor v1 #71 as part of the reimagining of the group with Peter David. Marvel realized they had a good thing in that duo, and now, 17 years later, have reunited the two. Starting July with X-Factor #33, Stroman will return to his art duties for the book. David is still writing, so hopefully some of that original magic will be recaptured by the duo. "All of Larry's characters look awesome, but I think fans will agree there's something really special about his Guido Carosella," [Aubrey] Sitterson remarks. "It's clear that Larry is having fun drawing these issues, and I hope it's clear that readers are going to have a blast reading them." Larry Stroman returns to X-Factor