Loeb and Sale reunite for Cap

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale are two of my favorites in the business. Tim Sale is probably my favorite artist, and it responsible for the incredible The Long Halloween Batman graphic novel, and Jeph Loeb has recently catapulted to fame with Heroes (while Sale also provided the future paintings of Isaac for the show). So they seem to have good chemistry working together, so why wouldn't Marvel put them together to work on Captain America? Later this year Loeb and Sale will reunite to work on Captain America: White, which takes place in 1941 and features Cap and Bucky fighting Nazis, with Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos. "You'll have to read the story," says Loeb. "Suffice to say it doesn't have to do with Cap being a white man! But just as YELLOW meant the costume and the cowardice, BLUE was the costume and the feeling of loss and GRAY was his skin tone and in-between a world of black and white there is always gray, WHITE will have a double meaning as well." There's no firm release just yet other than late 2008, but at least we know its this year. Loeb and Sale working together on Captain America is going to be really f'ing cool, so at least you know its got that going for it. Loeb and Sale reunite for Cap