More details on LEGO Batman

This morning I posted a link to the trailer for LEGO Batman, and that was sufficient enough to get me hyped. Now, MTV Multiplayer has a ton of details about the game that will get you even more hyped as you watch the trailer again (presuming you watched it this morning). Producer Loz Doyle was very forthcoming with information regarding the layout and design of the game. It will be 18 levels and 3 different story arcs (6 levels per arc) and drop-in/out co-op play (even online co-op, which is just freaking awesome). Traveller's Tales wrote the brand new stories (with approval by DC), and those on the team did not rely on one specific Batman mythos for creating the game, but you can rest assured that they know their Batman. One of the biggest draws in the game however is that you'll be given the opportunity to play both sides of the coin. For instance, in one scenario, you can play as either Catwoman trying to steal a diamond, or as Batman trying to save Commissioner Gordon. Obviously, there are tons of other scenarios, all of which should add tons of replay value to the game. The music is also that of Danny Elfman fame, who to me has defined Batman with his scores (although Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard really held their own with Batman Begins), and there will be some vehicle only levels. Some of the issues with the LEGO Star Wars series have been remedied in LEGO Batman. For example, the camera will be out farther and pan a little wider, hopefully making some of those difficult jumps a little easier to interpret. Also, you won't have to be right next to a character to change anymore, as you can rather easily just change on the fly. And there will also be 10 collectibles per level, so the obsessive-compulsive in you can collect everything Batman related. So keep your eyes open as more information comes to light. And be sure to pick this one up in September when it releases. LEGO Batman details