Optimus Prime Zippo

I've never been a smoker, so I've never really had a need for carrying around a lighter (I got over my pyro phase when I was very young). So yeah, I missed out on all the cool lighters my smoking friends would have (although they'll miss out on those extra years they knocked off their lives by smoking, but I digress). Now there's a pretty wicked Optimus Prime Zippo lighter, and a little part of me wishes I had a reason to have it. Optimus Prime's Diary (who knew) has pictures on the upcoming Zippor lighter, fashioned with Optimus Prime's image. Its a shiny silver and is limited to only 300 units, and you better be ready to spend the asking price of about 10,500 yen (a rather modest $104 USD roughly). Burning flames are engraved on the front with a "TF" engraved on the side, and when its opened you can see the Autobot logo in all its glory. Optimus Prime Zippo