Preview: Aletheia #1

So what do you do if you find the murder of your boyfriend was tied to the Greek gods? You get really pissed off, and you seek vengeance of course. Aletheia #1 is all about Thea, a mortal fighting the Pantheon of Greek gods who apparently run society as we know it. "ALETHEIA is the culmination my mutual obsessions with the classic Greek mythology and modern pulp yarns such as SIN CITY," ALETHEIA creator Bob LeFevre said. "The characters have actually been in my head for a very long time, so committing them to paper - through Image Comics/Shadowline, no less - is much more satisfying than I can properly articulate. ALETHEIA goes far beyond just Thea's story as well, and I'm hoping to tell stories set in that universe for years to come." Aletheia #1 is written by Bob LeFevre with art by James Offredi, and hits stores May 28. Preview: Aletheia #1