Preview: Spawn: The Undead Collection

In my opinion, Spawn has lost some of its appeal. There was a time in the 90s when Spawn was all the rage, and then since then it hasn't gotten nearly the amount of attention that a comic like that should get. I don't think that Spawn has gotten lame or anything, I just think we're in a different age of comics where something like Spawn isn't quite as revolutionary. So I'm trying to remedy that a bit, by putting the spotlight on Spawn: The Undead Collection. Spawn: The Undead Collection concentrates on HellSpawn (Al Simmons) and takes a unique "Japanese horror" look at the mythos of Spawn. Paul Jenkins provides the story, with Todd McFarlane and Dwayne Turner providing the chilling visuals. Spawn: The Undead Collection hits stores April 2008. Preview:Spawn: The Undead Collection