Secret Invasion tie-ins

With great storylines come great responsibility. Great responsibility as in getting all the tie-in issues, which can sometimes be a massive pain. Thankfully, Wizard Universe has a rather tidy summary of the tie-ins for Secret Invasion, fresh from the Secret Invasion panel at this past weekend's Wizard World LA. There will be four tie-ins (I guess they're actually lead-ins) for this year's Marvel epic. Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust will be a one-shot setting up stories of some of the characters before the actual story. Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers will be a miniseries recombining the Runaways and Young Avengers, written by Yost and illustrated by Takeshi Miyazaki. Secret Invasion: Frontline will be written by Brian Reed as a "man on the street" series and will highlight Ben Urich. Finally, Secret Invasion: Inhumans will follow Black Bolt's people, after he revealed he was a Skrull (written by Joe Pokaski). The article Wizard Universe has up is extremely lengthy and in-depth, and is worth checking out if you want a bit more detail on each tie-in. Or you can wait till they actually come out, and read them yourself. Its up to you. Secret Invasion lead-ins