Sin City game based on books

When word got out that a Sin City game was in the works, I'm sure there was much rejoicing. But then, probably wonder. Would it be a game of the first Sin City film? The upcoming sequel? As it turns out, neither. Game Daily has confirmed the game will be based on the original source material, the books themselves, with an entirely new story written up. "We decided that the 'Sin City' graphic novels, with their dark images and nonlinear stories, would work better as the basis for an interactive game. We don't have to track the linear movie screenplay and try to translate it into a game; we prefer to create an original story based on the characters from the books which, we think, will make for a longer, deeper video game experience," says Glenn Wong. This, of course, means that we won't see a marketing blitz tying the game to the movie sequel, but I think I'm ok with that. It also means that we essentially get a third movie at the same time as a second movie, which I'm also ok with. The first movie was a story weaved together from the books, and that worked out pretty well for the producers, so I'd be surprised if the game weren't successful. Sin City game goes straight to the source