Spider-man on stage

Coming Soon has two interviews for the price of one, with Jim Sturgess and Laurence Fishburn. What could the two of these possibly have to say about comics? Not much, but what they do say is rather tantalizing. Sturgess has been linked to playing Spider-man on stage, with Evan Rachel Wood playing the oft-in-danger Mary Jane Watson under Julie Taymor's direction. "I love Julie, she's like a mentor to me, and Evan's just a great friend, and the three of us are just so bound by the experience we had doing 'Across the Universe.' It was a lot of fun. I was just playing music with Bono and Edge from U2, singing songs about Spider-Man. The project is definitely happening. Julie will definitely make this piece of theater. Whether I'll be in it or not, I have no idea at this point." And what does Fishburne have to say? "I've heard that they are going to make a Silver Surfer movie and I hope and pray to my lucky stars that they ask me to come back and do the voice again, I'd love to." Good times. Sturgess and Fishburne talk comics