Stan Lee = Playful Imp ('Nuff said)

By now we've all heard the news about the always lovable Stan Lee making his presence known at this year's New York Comic Con. But what you didn't know is that you can have him call your friends. NYCC has a page set up that has three Stan Lee related sound bytes. The first you download to your phone, and when someone calls, none other than Stan Lee himself picks up. Ok, maybe he doesn't actually "pick" up your phone, but his voice is there to greet the caller. The second you download and send to a friend, and Stan Lee gently reminds said friend of when the NYCC is (April 18-20). The final download is Stan Lee chatting with NYCC manager Lance Fenstermen about the show and New York City in general. All in all, some pretty cool debauchery that can be yours courtesy of Stan Lee and NYCC 2008. Stan Lee debauchery