Stan Lee receives award created just for him

Stan Lee is, in one word or less, a god. He was on the forefront of comics way back in the day, and has been nothing short of vital in bringing the popularity of comics to where it is today. So the fact that he's getting an award created for him and given to him, well, that's pretty damn awesome. Medium at Large is reporting that Stan Lee will receive the inaugural New York Comics Legend Award on April 17 at the Virgin Megastore in New York. The awards ceremony will be a somewhat limited engagement, with only 350 people attending. 150 of those will be fans, but the other 200 or so will be some of the cream of the crop in the comic book industry. Wait, why does April 17 sound familiar? Oh, that's right, its the day before the New York Comic Con starts. And yes, that does mean Stan Lee will be there. There's also going to be a chance where you can meet the icon himself at the Comic Con, so stay tuned for more details. Stan Lee at NYCC