Who do you trust? (again)

The news coming out of Wizard World LA from this past weekend is that Marvel is serious about this whole Secret Invasion storyline. And why wouldn't they be? Its only the biggest thing to happen since Civil War, and you know crazy stuff's going to happen. So to further the hype for the mega-story, Marvel announced at said Wizard World that coming in June will be a Secret Invasion one-shot. Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust? features five stories that really tie up some loose ends and give you some backstory going into the Secret Invasion epic. Each of the five stories focuses on different characters and will have different writers, so you get a healthy dose of variety. What writers? Zeb Wells writes about Marvel Boy, Mike Carey writes about Agend Brand, Chris Gage and Mike Perkins write of Wonder Man and Beast traveling to the Savage Land, Brian Reed and Lee Weeks work on Captain Marvel and Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk write about the Agents of Atlas returning. Whew. Apparently these stories are key, so don't think because they don't deal with Wolverine or Spider-man you can afford to miss them. And its a one-shot, so you're commitment to it stops really after just one issue. So what do you have to lose? Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust?