Wildguard returns!

Image Comics seems to be all about the comeback this year, as another franchise has been added to the "new" release list. Coming May 14 is Wildguard: Insider, a three issue mini-series about the original reality-TV heroes. Wildguard creator Todd Nauck returns to illustrate. "As much fun as playing in Marvel and DC's sandboxes can be, I've been very eager to get back to my own toys," said Nauck. "While I've had a great time with the website strips, this is a return to WILDGUARD at their absolute best - down on the printed page. It's really fun to be back at it." The new mini-series will feature all-new stories that continue the adventures of the characters while also featuring never before collected internet strips. There will also be some "Where Are They Now?" type features and min-fact files expanding the Wildguard universe. Wildguard returns